Financial Goals For 2014. Short and Long Term Goals.

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Our finances that past year have been unstable at best, with us scrounging for money at times to pay the bills, but with the short and long term financial goals we have created this year, we hope to create a mountain of money to allow us the sense of stability we always look for. You know the feeling of having extra money stored away, it is a great feeling, knowing you can afford items but also you know that you should be more mature on the buying of the items.

Listed below are a sample of some of the financial goals I have created for the year of 2014. We will be checking in on them through out the year, kinda treating our family finances as a company. With a company, you need to ensure your long and short term goals are feasible, obtainable, and can be measured with success and failure. long term goal

  • Save $15,000- Our family does not have an emergency fund, a fund that you can tap into if you have any financial problems that you have not allotted into your budget. The initial though of saving $15,000 has put a pit in my stomach, because we are huge spenders and not really savers. We will have to cut down and multiple areas all across the board, and also put a lot of our tax refunds away and not take a vacation.
  • Get a long term rental.– We are living on borrowed time, with the current location of our house being in the early, early stages of foreclosure. We had the potential to save for two years rent free, but all we have done is get into more debt. We have no clue how much more time we have available in this current location, so we will be looking for a long term rental. If we are lucky, we will be able to find a rent-to-own.
  • Invest some of our money. My fiance is working at a job that offer 401k with a matching program, and I would also like to invest some of my money in the stock market. I have been studying the art of buying and selling stocks, and I feel I have a firm grasp of the strategy. Money will also be put into CD’s, mutual funds, and high interest savings accounts.

Some of the goals listed may be more feasible while other may become a little more difficult. How are you doing with your New Years resolutions?


2014 Short and Long Term Goals

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While the ice may last for only a short time, the long term impact is more important.
While the ice may last for only a short time, the long term impact is more important.

This past year has been so busy and filled with many learning experiences. With the year closing out, I have thought about many short and long term goals and why they need to be accomplished. Many of the goals may not be financially related, but most of them can be intertwined to make a difference for our family as a whole.

A lot of our personal problems this prior year has been financial related, weather it be not having enough money for the essentials, having money to get a new place, or not having enough time to finish project or school work. Being able to set up goals can help create thee motivation our family needs when we cut down on our spending. A vast majority of our successful athletes, business men and other influential individuals set up short and long term goals.

When setting up our goals, I would like to create ten essential goals that could make our life a much easier time, while also focusing on more essential goals like creating a emergency fund and getting a long term rental. Checklist will be critical to showcase where we are through out the year, allowing you to see how well I am doing.

I will be posting the completed goal list hopefully by the start of the year.

Who is this Debt Free By 43 Guy … And Why Is He Blogging about Finance.

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Welcome Everyone

Years ago, my parents said personal finance skills are essential to any type of success. She also said that you should always pay yourself first than pay your bills. How I would of loved to listen to her words of wisdom, but I sure as heck did not. Through out the years, I have spent thousands of dollars, and not on items that I could resell ether. One of the biggest reasons I spent a lot of money is because I have a real bad addiction to renting electronics and eating out.

Who is Debt Free By 43

Well the small talk is done and now you can get to know me better. I am currently 27 years old, a college student trying to get his BS in Marketing and also a stay at home dad of four amazing children. I often read blogs with single and also married couples without children and I am astonished that they have not saved more money than they have. I then look back on my own personal spending habits and I can see that I as well had problems with finance.

How Will this blog help myself and others.

I am consistently obsessed with finance, investing, and any other ways to make money. Through out the years I have done an incredible amount of research pertaining to making money, investing small to large amounts of money, and networking with other colleagues.¬† Many times I have created a website with the thought I could make money from it, and many times I did just that. I have made thousands of dollars from Google Adsense, than the day came that Google banned my account due to a click bomb from rivals. Sharing the information I have learned will be the biggest take away I get from this blog…

Until Next time… Be safe and save money!!!

How have I got myself in this much debt?

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How have I got myself into debt that is over $50,000. I am only at the age of 27, and I have accumulated debt from a varying amount of sources. Having dreams to buy a house and become debt free by age 43, I have decided to showcase  where I can save money and how I am doing it.